Comprehensive Regatta Management Software

RaceManager is a fully featured Regatta management system. Updated in 2018 to support the new Competition Framework (BROE2), and with new features being regularly added.

This webpage is under development.

  1. Full integration with BROE2
  2. Banding can be modified in software and uploaded to BROE
  3. 2/3 lane racing. Plate, Repechage & Round Robin events
  4. Race Cards generated for 3 lane regattas.
  5. Amalgamation of Masters events, with new events created automatically. Define your Standard Times, and handicaps will be calculated.
  6. 1, 2 & 3 division competitions.
  7. Fully customisable race intervals - heats & finals can be run at different intervals for each division.
  8. Regatta specific Victor Ludorum systems
  9. Live race results, automatically uploaded to rowstats.com or to your own website
  10. Results also posted to your Twitter feed.
  11. Every management report you're ever likely to need!


RaceManager Entries tab