Change Log

7/3/20 Race Manager Head Start Order export code failed to take account of the move to ResultsOrder.
1/3/20 Documentation SQL Server & IIS installation instructions added
1/3/20 Database Bug found in [BROE].[List Entries Refunded Online] (only applies to BRC events with discounted entry fees).
We need to get the refund amount from BROE, not the local discounted rate...
1/3/20 Database [BROE].[ListNewPayments] improved.
Bedford RC gives a discount to its members. If the payment is recorded as manual (ie BACS Transfer, cash, cheque) then the discounted rate is used. If it is Online (ie Stripe payment), then the rate used is that defined on BROE.
29/2/20 BROE API Payment Type is the wrong way around in the API export - 'Manual' & 'Online' refer to Online & Manual, respectively.
22/2/20 Docs The key to good documentation is having screenshots. I have therfore obfuscated names in an ENTIRE regatta - nobody is identifiable.
21/2/20 Database ALL Stored Procedures have finally been removed from the dbo schema.
21/2/20 Database [List - Statuses in Draw on Specified Day] & [List - Statuses in Draw on Specified Day (Divisional)] have been removed and been replaced by [Regatta.PostDraw].[ListStatuses]
It turned out that ASPX needed both due to a bug! statuses.aspx was flawed...
21/2/20 Head Draw Abingdon are pressing me for a build. So I have bitten the bullet, and removed StatusID from [Head.StartOrder]. This is painful, and it turns out that there are quite a few queries that all appear to do pretty much the same thing.

[head].[GenerateRandomDraw] appears to be the most complete & logically written.
20/2/20 EventCreation GetStatusID did not handle primary correctly; GetStatusDescription didn't handle Lightweights.
9/2/20 PHP
  • statuses_entered table modified to include DayID, fixing a long-standing bug. Curiously, the code to update was sending this.
  • Crew Lists now available.
  • Assorted changes to regatta.php - tidying up & removing redundant code.
28/1/20 Masters Merging
  • Banded Masters Handicaps now supported
  • Bug fix in getting EventID of the youngest crew. It should not have made a difference, due to the way the grids are constructed, but it was wrong...
11/1/20 Race Manager Head Timing now available here. Can't figure out a way of displaying start time less than finish time though...
9/1/20 Database The Changes table requires wider fields, since Stowe have decided that their crew name contains ALL crew members. 134 characters long.